The Rear Window

We've become a race of Peeping Toms. What people ought to do is get outside their own house and look in for a change. Yes sir. How's that for a bit of homespun philosophy?

-Stella (Rear Window)

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Mighty Life List

One of my heroes, Maggie Mason, wrote up a Life List about a year ago and I decided to make my own.

40 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1.       Make a home on every continent. I have 3 left: Live in Antarctica for 3 months or less/Live in Europe for a year or more/Live in South America for a year or more.

2.       Make a book of children’s poetry

3.       See David Bowie live in concert!

4.       Write a pilot for a comedy show that makes people belly laugh

5.       Sing at my sister’s wedding

6.       Have Joe, John, Cress, Cole, Brent, and Angie be my bridesmaids at my wedding.

7.       Go back to the Ilomba one last time.

8.       Wear a couture dress at least once

9.       Go to a ball.

10.   Perform a stand up routine at a amateur/ open mic night

11.   Pay for my children’s or my sister’s children’s college tuition

12.   Tell all the men that I had relationships with that I love them and that I never forgot them

13.   Go back to Bejaia

14.   Go sailing with my father

15.   Speak French, Italian, and German

16.   See the Louvre again

17.   Sing on stage with a band

18.   Go to Japan

19.   See Casablanca, Bringing Up Baby, Drunken Master 2, and Rear Window on the big screen

20.   Go to South By South West

21.   Go to Butt-Numb-A-Thon

22.   Go to Austin-City-Limits

23.   Write a thank you letters to all the people who’ve inspired me and helped me out during my travels

24.   Go to Fantastic Fest

25.   Write a horror story

26.   Fully prep my house for the Zombie Apocalypse

27.   Have a Bat Cave for all my geeky stuff

28.   Help give birth to an animal

29.   Learn how to properly tango, waltz, salsa, and two-step

30.   Write a movie review that gets published

31.   Finish school

32.   Learn some basic kung fu – tai chi would be good

33.   Fill my home with art I love

34.   Vacation in Cambodia (my parents did it without me)

35.   See Paris in the winter

36.   Paint something that I really proud of

37.   See La Boheme live at the Met

38.   See either Sweeny Todd or Company live

39.   Host an amazing Costume Party

40.   Have a nude portrait painted of myself (I know…this one is really silly)

41.   Eat 50 new foods

42.   Learn 50 new recipes

43.   Write a recipe book

44.   Write a really, really good love letter to someone

45.   Learn 5 dances and dance them well

46.   Invent a cocktail

47.   Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

48.   Sell a painting

49.   Write a catchy song about Ivan Drago

50.   Have one original piece of art from every place I travel to

51.   Tickle an elephant

52.   Become a Scrabble Master

53.   Learn how to play chess well

54.   Learn how to ride a bike and not fall over

55.   Go on a week long hiking trip


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